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The Group

RQ in its current corporate form, was established in Milan in 1993 by a group of professionals, researchers and business managers.

In all these years R.Q. professionals have assisted hundreds of companies in technological and organizational development projects and have deepened their specialization in activities related to industrial research and business innovation thus developing a unique and personal methodology called, taking from the company name, "Research Qualification". The technical capabilities of R.Q. are supported by the intense use of technical and business networking with centers of excellence around the world. In addition R.Q. has a long experience obtaining subsidized financing programs to finance its customers projects..

The distinctive feature of R.Q. is that, in addition to offering the requested support, often is able to acquire State, Provincial and Community grants to finance it.

The Main macro Areas of intervention are:

  • Product and market strategic planning
  • Access to subsidized finance and financial planning
  • Internationalization
  • Management control and business evaluation
  • Management systems