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Principles and Techniques for Integrated Business Communication

Objective of the course

The objective of the training course is to provide theoretical, practical and operational skills in the integrated business communications field, and to train experts to respond to the company internal and external communication needs. This expert provides the pertinent recipients with business communication contents, establishing streaming, schedule, mode and style of same, as well as its broadcasting.

Topics covered in the training course
  • Communication as a tool for competitiveness -
  • The goal is to make the participants understand the importance of communication as a tool for competitiveness. After analyzing the basic elements of institutional, internal and external advertising, the participants will acquire the skills to optimize the use of different means of communication in relation to the objectives and the targeted audience.
  • Principles and techniques of integrated business communications -
  • The objective is to provide participants with methods, techniques and tools to define and develop a integrated business communications plan to elaborate its budget and measure its effectiveness.
  • Advertising and “new” media -
  • The objective is to present the participants with the impact of new ICT and Internet technologies based on traditional business models, with particular reference to marketing and communications.
Methodology of the training course

The teaching methods used in the Integrated Business Communication Principles and Techniques training course provides active and participatory teaching methods to stimulate a fruitful individual and group dynamics. Through the course there are several tools used, such as case discussions, exercises, classroom studies and simulations. Educational material, such as books, articles, handouts, didactic notes, case studies, and exercises, will be provided to promote classroom dialogue, self-study and full topic understanding.