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RQ Investments

R.Q. INVESTMENTS is the RQ Srl Division offering services and advice in FINANCIAL ENGINEERING.

This DIVISION researches, assesses and sets in motion the most appropriate instruments to provide in the most advantageous way, financing for INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, INTERNATIONALIZATION business projects.

It's a fact that among the available financial instruments for enterprises development, grants are drastically decreasing, but, on the other hand, the offer of more complex financial engineering instruments is gradually increasing.

Therefore, according to a well-established trend, RQ INVESTMENTS DIVISION operates in synergy with the financial market evolution.

This trend requires the use of both PUBLIC and PRIVATE RESOURCES, their correct and flexible integration is the key to the success of the deal, determining the very quality of the financial engineering measures taken.

The culture, the background, the deep knowledge of the Territory, the earnestness and reliability of our PARTNER NETWORK guarantee an outstanding relationship among said network and the EIB - European Bank of Investments, EIF - European Investment Fund, European Union, as well as, at national and regional level, organizations, institutions, and private companies, who have, as their primary objective, the development of the TERRITORIAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM and the single BUSINESSES, to be pursued through a proper and focused use of FINANCE.

R.Q. Ltd - INVESTMENTS DIVISION provides consulting services and technical and operational assistance to companies who want financing available to bring to fruition Innovation and Development projects:

  • medium to long-term LOANS accessible to SMB who want to engage in development PROJECTS related to PROCESSES and/or PRODUCT.
  • EQUITY loans, allowing, as a result of specific assessments, the presence within the Company of an external INVESTOR, who acquires shares for such a length of time as deemed necessary by an established course of action.
  • In areas related to products and processes with a high degree of innovation, VENTURE CAPITAL are very useful, financing BUSINESS PROGRAMS and IDEAS with high profitability or BUSINESS START-UP.
  • Research and preparation of WARRANTIES soft terms for INNOVATION, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT loans for SMALL and MEDIUM ENTERPRISES.

RQ INVESTMENTS is able to provide specific technical expertise in financial assistance and advice. Cooperation with a consolidated partnership in the industry guarantees the professionalism and the quality of its services. The company has relationships with :