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Business Divisions

To support its customers and partners in the implementation of innovation and development programs, R.Q. S.r.l. has developed, over the years, a broad structure comprising divisions specialized in diverse areas of intervention.

Through these divisions R.Q. provides a full range of services, with a high level of quality and expertise, dedicated to the support of businesses, public and private institutions, in the fields of research, development, investment, innovation, rationalization, reorganization and training.

R.Q. S.r.l. divisions are:

Research Qualification Method

The division promotes and facilitates the creation of research projects, competitive development, and innovation applying the Research.Qualification method.

This method is a practical methodology that allows businesses, of all sizes and competences, to exploit the results of their own industrial research or the one carried out by public entities and/or organizations, and private business, quickly and with investments proportional and consistent with its size and facets.

Subsidized Finance

The subsidized finance division has a long experience in seeking financial resources resulting from public contributions and incentives to support companies in the implementation of research projects, business development and organizational improvement in various sectors.

RQ Investments

This RQ Srl division offers consulting services in Financial Engineering. The research division, evaluates and actualizes the most appropriate tools to most advantageously finance projects, such as business innovation, research and development, internationalization, investment.


R.Q. has consolidated years of experience in technical training aimed to enhance the professional skills of employees.

Due to this type of activity it has achieved, through the years, accreditation as training provider in various Italian regions.

Compliance Qualification

The service offered by R.Q. aims to help companies and public and private organizations to fulfill their legal obligations, developing a solid customized global management system aimed to implement systems to protect against crimes sanctioned by the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (which amended the national regulatory framework by introducing companies administrative and criminal liability for crimes committed in their interest or advantage by its directors or employees).