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Röchling Group manufactures high performance plastics worldwide. With more than 6,000 employees and 54 offices in 18 different countries, the company is known for its professionalism and experience.


Paramed is a young company led by young people who work in the field of advanced medical equipment. In the development phase of its products Paramed focuses on the customer's confort


Stelvio spa is a manufacturing company founded in 1946, currently employs 150 people in Italy, over 60 in the Romanian plant and another 100 in the Hungarian plant. Stelvio is known worldwide as a manufacturer of electro-mechanical components for both industrial and consumer electronics

CRS is a leader in the design, production, assembly and marketing of electrical and electronic products and architectures software elaboration. CRS experiments and introduces cutting-edge solutions in the Internet remote access, land and mobile telephone networks, and wireless communication networks technologies applied to the security comfort and automation sectors.

Bluenergy Group provides the experience and the dynamism of a leader in Friuli Venezia Giulia energy sector, who has chosen to focus on the highest quality and safety standards, streamlined procedures, transparent customer relations, advanced technology and unmatched presence in the territory.


With 40 years experience and more than 300 systems installed worldwide, Danieli Automation ensures perfect integration of all process units, ensuring an efficient and fully integrated production system.

BTicino is one of the world's leading manufacturers in low voltage electrical equipment intended for home, work and production spaces, with specific solutions for energy and communication (intercoms and video intercoms) distribution, as well as light, audio, climate and security control.

The company is a world leader in the field of automation systems, electric motors, generators and power control systems. ASI provides multifaceted solutions to the customer specific needs.


IITAL TBS proposes, to the European community in with it operates, a modern vision of clinical engineering, and offers to public and private health facilities an integral management of all technologies (biomedical, informatics and telematics) to reduce management cost, modernize, reorganize and streamline health service processes to enhance performance .

Friul Intagli can make a decisive contribution to the success of furnishing and furniture companies by providing components technologically advanced, quality certified and with a high added value.

Founded in 1962, the F.A.R. Steel Foundries Roiale SpA, specialized in the production of wear resistant steels used as spare parts in crushing machinery, focuses on fully meeting and exceeding its customers satisfaction .