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Analysis and Strategic Technologies

R.Q. is able to carry out a research and analysis of the business technological asset, to identify strategic technologies, based on the specific business, aiming at increasing the business competitiveness. This process of analysis and policy evaluation results in a company strategic plan to manage innovation. The strategic technology plan may include the identification of centers of technological excellence, technology and skills, transition, and the creation of new businesses.
The activities include:

  • The identification of technology trends related to a particular business, speculating on its next discontinuity
  • Compounding within its fleet of strategic knowledge, an action plan to protect their industrial property rights and the potential transfer to third parties, of non-strategic processes
  • The identification of actions to improve its competitiveness in the market by leveraging on technological innovation and research and development investment

R.Q. experience is based on a group of management experts who, having attained their expertise working with and for the European Commission as projects recruiters and auditors since 1980, have developed an extensive relationships network with all the major technological development centers worldwide.