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Human Resouces and hiring for Innovation

Increasingly, the success of a company is based on the quality and expertise of its "human resources." This is especially true in the context of research and innovative development. There are three main points in human resources management:

  • EMPOWERMENT: improve and utilize all the skills and potential of employees already present in the organization.
  • TEMPORARY MANAGEMENT: : locate outside staff with specialized expertise able to supply the company with the technical and methodological know-how missing.
  • SISTEMA DI INCENTIVAZIONE: Being able to manage and develop, over time, the company's human resources in order to maintain an adequate working environment (motivation, incentives, career plans).

R.Q. employs his method and consulting approach offering a 360 ° service to enhance human resources and to aid in the staff research and selection aiming at:

  • Analyze and define the necessary resources in terms of roles and particular competencies (called "critical"), in relation to the project at hand
  • "Identify" the most suitable people to fill specific roles implementing a series of internal and external staff acquisition processes (resources evaluation and selection process)
  • Redefine any roles and monitor work activities to ensure consistency between individual behaviors and the group/company demands

The activity is carried out by R.Q. consultants, Human Research experts, who believe that "human resources" are the real "focal point" of any company, thus all steps must focus on them, ensuring effective management and development of the company itself. The identification and research of external competences (such as temporary manager) to be employed, is facilitated by R.Q. ability, thanks to a technological network it is part of, to contact centers of excellence with specialized researchers in all various technologies.